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Our Suppliers

Silverwells House have a policy of using Scottish produce from Scottish Suppliers whenever possible. We also have a policy of sourcing best quality produce. We admit to having a low tolerance for suppliers who provide us with produce not to our standard and so our suppliers don't get a second chance if things go wrong. We feel that our customers deserve to be looked after and given best quality.

The following suppliers are on our 'approved supplier' list and have consistently provided good service with good supplies or services:-

Booker Cash & Carry, Hamilton
Forth Wines, Milnathort
Campbells Prime Meats
Sainsbury's, Hamilton
Safeway, Uddingston
Mick McGuires Fruit Shop, Uddingston

Costco, Glasgow
Fletcher Appliance Repairs, East Kilbride
British Telecom ISDN
British Telecom Internet Services
Federation of Small Businesses
Michael Gormley of Cumbernauld

Eddie Carty - skilled tradesman and renovator of our teak staircase and supplier of fine antique fireplaces
John Latta Builders, Motherwell

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