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Silverwells House Hotel
Old Mill Road

G71 8AY
Silverwells House is a B-Listed building which was built in 1860. The building was originally commissioned to be designed and built, for a merchant who was based in Hong Kong but operated from Glasgow. At that time Bothwell was the weekend retreat for merchants in Glasgow as it was a 8 mile horse & carriage ride from the centre. The porte cachere or large front balcony over the front door was designed to allow the horses & carriage to stop underneath to allow the ladies to alight safely and without getting wet - their Victorian dresses must have been very magnificent.

During the period from 1860 until the early 20th Century, the building changed ownership several times, being owned generally by local professional people such as accountants. In the 1920s - 1930s, it was leased out to several families, one of which was a senior Army Officer whose daughter visited us recently.

The property was split into 2 flats in 1940 and it wasn't until 1994 that the property was returned to its original state. During the mid-late 1990s, a massive programme of refurbishment was undertaken to restore the interior to its original Victorian elegance, and to repair significant damage to the external stonework and roof.

The entrance is very grand and when you enter through the inner front doors, you are faced with a large open hallway, boasting an original grand teak staircase.
Some of the original stained glass windows still exist in the hall and in the public rooms.

The building has 17 rooms - which includes 8 bedrooms with en-suite facilities.
We have 4 public rooms which have been used for private functions of all types. The two main public rooms - the Brown Room and the Red Room - boast of particularly fine Victorian plasterwork and cornicework. Many of the original shutters still exist and are used frequently.

Silverwells House has been brought up to modern fire safety standards and gained its full fire certificate in April 2000. For the comfort of guests, the heating was kept on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to allow guests to moderate the heating in each bedroom through the use of thermostats. Each bathroom was supplied with cold drinking water on tap.
The hotel ceased to take guests on 29.11.2002 with its last guest, Mr Roberts leaving. The Strachan family are however looking at ways of satisfying their many customers demands to provide fine Scottish food and hospitality so keep in touch.

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