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Silverwells House Bedrooms ~ The Lucy Room

The Lucy room was the largest attic bedroom and has a double bed and a single bed. The room had a pine dresser and wardrobe to complement the pine floor. A colour TV; telephone; and tea/coffee making facilities exist. The room is has central heating on 24 hours a day, controlled from within the room. The view from the two windows are to the east and the South, giving good views down towards Tinto Hill, across Motherwell & Hamilton.
The en-suite bathroom has a European Sitz bath which allows you to have a bath, seated, or a shower or both!
The bedroom has a small fireplace with an art-deco cast iron fire surround. Originally, this room would have been the housekeepers room with all the bell cables leading up to here.
Today it has a telephone service which saves all that!

The furniture from this room is available for sale.

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